F1 | Gp Germany, THE POINT by Gian Carlo Minardi “A very serious mistake by Vettel”


A few laps from the finishing line Sebastian Vettel threw away a win and a very important result in light of the world championship. In 11 grands prix this is already the fourth mistake made by the German and this must give Ferrari something to think … [Continua...]

F1 | Gp Germany, PRESENTATION by Gian Carlo Minardi “Keep an eye on Red Bull”


After a year the German Grand Prix will come back to the Hockenheim circuit where Pirelli’s stronger tyres will make their debuts. The Milanese tyre maker will bring its Medium, Soft and UltraSoft mixes. Hamilton and Vettel have “marked” each … [Continua...]

F1 | Minardi M191B-Lamborgnini, Bortolotti “An unforgettable moment”


26 years after Christian Fittipaldi and Gianni Morbidelli the steering wheel of the Minardi M191B, the protagonist of seven F1 grands prix in 1992 (before giving way to the M192) powered by the LE3512 Lamborghini engine designed by Mauro Forghieri, … [Continua...]

The Minardi 191B F1 with Lamborghini engine returns to racing after 26 years


Twenty-six years from its last Grand Prix, the Minardi M191B chassis #003, equipped with a Lamborghini LE3512 V12 engine and one of the protagonists of Formula One in 1992, is back on the track. The exciting shakedown organized by Lamborghini … [Continua...]

F1 | Gp Great Britain, Ferrari wins with Vettel. THE POINT by Gian Carlo Minardi

British Grand Prix, Silverstone 05 - 08 July 2018

Ferrari that wins so well on a track such as that of Silverstone, which on paper should have been unfavourable, says a lot about the path to the world championship and can only be a good sign in view of the next two rounds in Germany and Hungary. We … [Continua...]

F1 | Gp England, PRESENTATION by Gian Carlo Minardi


The July tour-de-force continues. We move from Austria to the historic circuit of Silverstone in England and then continue our journey towards Germany and Hungary which will mark the beginning of the August summer holidays. This is a very technical … [Continua...]

F1 |Gp Austria, THE POINT by Gian Carlo Minardi “It was the weekend of mistakes”


The weekend in Austria was the festival of mistakes by the teams. It began Saturday with Ferrari’s people at the wall who did not advise their driver that Sainz was arriving and today with Mercedes that did not call Hamilton into the pits under the … [Continua...]

F1 | Gp Austria, PRESENTATION by Minardi “Vettel used the last bonus in France”

French Grand Prix, Paul Ricard 21 - 24 June 2018

Having put away the French grand prix, we are entering a hot month of July with four grands prix within five weeks. It will begin this weekend in Austria and then go to England (July 7-8), Germany (July 21-22) and Hungary (July 28-29). It will be … [Continua...]

Super Trofeo, Three from three for Karol Basz who made his mark at Misano with Vito Postiglione

1918 59 35

For the third straight week Karol Basz made his mark on the Super Trofeo Lamborghini together with Vito Postiglione. After Monza and Silverstone the Polish driver also scored a win on the Misano track in a race than ended the third of the six rounds … [Continua...]

F1 | Gp France, THE POINT by Gian Carlo Minardi

French Grand Prix, Paul Ricard 21 - 24 June 2018

With Hamilton’s win and Vettel’s fourth place there is once more the 14 point gap between the two drivers that existed before the Canadian Grand Prix. In France the situation was turned upside down once more, this time in favour of the British … [Continua...]

F1 | Ricciardo is the centre of the 2019 drivers’ market. Hamilton is the key to change


Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, Renault and, naturally, Red Bull. Never has Daniel Ricciardo had been at the centre of the driver’s market as much as now. He has given himself ten days to decide. Next year Red Bull will abandon the Renault engines to … [Continua...]

F1 | Gp France, PRESENTATION by Gian Carlo Minardi


With Friday’s free practice France will once more have its own grand prix after a ten year break. However, F1 will go back at the Paul Ricard Circuit which left the calendar in the long ago 1990 after Alain Prost’s win with Ferrari. After his … [Continua...]

F1 | Canadian Gp, THE POINT of Gian Carlo Minardi

Canadian Grand Prix, Montreal 07 - 10 June 2018

Ferrari gained its third win for the season and regained command of the world championship ladder with Sebastian Vettel who made the best of the whole weekend by setting pole position and the win. Ferrari did not start in the best of fashions but it … [Continua...]