First of all, greetings to all our readers who decide to undertake this journey with us into the yellow and blue world of the Minardi Team and into the world of racing.

We will try to get to know better all the stages which led Gian Carlo Minardi to found the homonymous team, starting from the debut in F.2 till the entrance into the F.1 circus, where the Team raced more than 340 GP. Gian Carlo has always had to fight hard against adversities, but the love and passion he has always harboured for his Team, for the world of F.1 and for his supporters, gave him the strength to go forward and take part in the F.1 racing world, running with cars whose technical features were improved year after year and which were driven by Italian and foreign promising young drivers. Gian Carlo has always paid great attention to young drivers and he has always contributed to support their debut in the top category.

The beginning of a great passion. The passion for cars harboured by Gian Carlo Minardi has a 60-year-history. It is dated back to September, the 18th 1947, when the eldest son of Giovanni Minardi and Elena Marina was born.

After getting a chartered accountant qualification in 1966, Gian Carlo began to help his mother running the family business: the “Giuseppe Minardi and Brothers” FIAT official dealer, founded in 1927 by Giuseppe, Vincenzo and Luigi Minardi. Since the beginning it was clear that the intentions of the young guy from Faenza were so different, so, in 1967 he took part in some rally races driving a Fiat 124, but, as a consequence of a terrible accident occurred while he was driving a Formula 850 (luckily the accident had no bad consequences), he decided to change his mind about becoming a preeminent racer, taking care of his family, so, April the 16th 1970, he got married with Mara and November the 6th 1974 they had a baby, Giovanni Minardi……

The first chapter of the book called “ Minardi’s great history” will be soon available. Every month you will have the opportunity to live a Formula 1 racing season again. So…..keep on following our website!

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