GEAR. The experience gained in running complicated business activities such as a Formula 1 Team and many others, allowed the creation of a “relationships net” composed by high-level experts, thanks to whom we had the opportunity to broaden our horizons in terms of service offered, involving not only the world of motor sport consultancy, but also the field of CORPORATE CONSULTING in different market sectors.

Gear is the answer to many company needs. COMMUNICATION, CORPORATE STRATEGY, MARKETING are only few of the many services offered by Gear, which puts its skills in the service of its customers.

Corporate strategy, Trade and Marketing,Web Contacts & Relations and Training by GEAR
Corporate Strategic Guidance, Sport Management and Legal Advice, Communication Management and Press Office by GEAR
Communication And Advertising
Sponsoring & Events, Websites Design and Development, Planning and Management of Web Contacts & Relations, Design and Development of Advertising Campaigns, Design and Implementation of Corporate Communication materials by GEAR