Gian Carlo Minardi: "What a surprise!"

We have just welcomed the New Year, but the eyes of International Federation have already pointed to 2016. Among the most important news, new rules have been issued for Super license attribution, which is required to race in Formula 1.

It becomes mandatory coming of age and a driving license, together with having driven at least 300 km in a Grand Prix car and an award of at least 40 points in the last three seasons in preparation series. Laugh it off, drivers will be called to collect points in “Supermarket-style”. For each championship, Federation (which group has made these choices?) provided for a system of points. Plus the championship is considered prestigious and greater are the points to be won. So, it’s obvious that Formula 2 – that one which will have to be born? – (with its 60 points for winner) is considered better than GP2 (50 points) or Formula 3 European (40 points). We can notice there’s a desire to try to revive the championship, which over the historic years represented the only true prelude to the top series. “What a surprise“, Gian Carlo Minardi says speaking on “In the past, to get the Super license you had to gained some positive results, finishing among the top-five in the championships that formed the pyramid towards F.1, that’s to say F.2 and F.3, in addition to drive more than 300 km at the wheel of a Formula 1 “, the manager from Faenza continues. “It’s a return to the past with corrective actions, as the coming of age. Therefore we will not have a Verstappen-2 anymore. I agree on the fact that Super license has to be gained on track, thanks to positive results. With these scores, FIA wanted to give a guideline to drivers, mainly supporting Formulae under its control “.

Stefano Domenicali, who replaced Gerard Berger inside the International Automobile Federation, will then have the commitment to improve and grow the categories. “Over the coming weeks, as ACI, we will meet with Stefano Domenicali“, the former manufacturer from Faenza concludes, “to confront with him and draw up an agenda of work, to support existing championships, F.3 and F.4, and possibly start a study on the future F.2 that FIA would soon launch“.