A.A.A. Formula 1 for sale

Without being denied by Mr. Bernie Ecclestone, the possibility of a new F1 owner has been back in the limelight in the last few days. There are three groups interested in purchasing F1 and there will be a new owner within the end of the year”. Mr. E would keep his position as he has declared himself. “The Groups interested in acquiring F1 royalties asked me to keep my role”.

At present the Circus is under the control of CVC capital Partners which would be willing to transfer 30% of its assets. According to rumors, among the candidates, there would be the current owner of the most famous American football team, Stephen Ross’ Miami Dolphins, along with the sheiks of Qatar who already own Paris Saint German.

Some time ago also Dietrich Mateschitz, owner of Red Bull and Toro Rosso stable has been mentioned. A name that manager from Faenza Gian Carlo Minardi really appreciates as he declared at www.minardi.it.There is no question, we need a charismatic man with exceptional business and marketing skills. Mateschitz has demonstrated to be very capable. At this time, F1 needs someone able to attract new audience”. Surely there would be some problems with the ownership of his two F1 teams.