Abu Dhabi GP – PREVIEW

We’ve come to the nineteenth race, the last race of a season that has passed quickly, among polemics, technical developments, difficulties for teams and clear supremacy of Mercedes.

We had to wait until the last weekend to know Sebastian Vettel’s successor, who will leave the #1. It will be an internal fight at Mercedes, between Hamilton and Rosberg. The English driver, thanks to his advantage, will act in reply, while victory might not be enough for Nico. I can’t see any driver that can come between them, to favour either. Williams itself is still very far away, as proved by a 41″ sec. suffered in Brazil. The fight for third place among Constructors, instead, is done deal for Williams, despite the availability of double points, which have proved to be useless.

For the final round, Pirelli brings Soft and SuperSoft. This could give us a hard-fought Qualifying. Fifteen days ago, we had even 18 drivers in just 2″, while, during the race, differences between Mercedes and the remaining group could come out anyway. This compounds’ solution may not favour McLaren in the fight for fourth place. Button-Magnussen’s car has proved to be more powerful with Medium and Hard. Moreover, through a tweet, they’ve also announced that we should wait over December 1st to know the new line-up, even if games are already made.

Behind the pit, the atmosphere will be very “hot”, with various decisions to take, related to third car, prizes distribution and Power-Unit changes.

Gian Carlo Minardi