ACI Team Italia ready to grow

The Adria International Raceway has been the scene of the 12th edition of Aci Sport Federal Super-course, Speed section, the annual advanced course that rewarded, as usual, some young drivers coming from the Italian Championship powered by Abarth and from Kart.

The drivers selected at the end of 2015 season and invited to face the Super-course are Diego Bertonelli and Riccardo Ponzio coming from F4; Lorenzo Colombo, Aldo Festante, Davide Lombardo, and Leonardo Lorandi from Karting. After a careful consideration at the end of four long days of intense learning both in class and on track, Lorenzo Colombo, 15 years old from Legnano, has resulted the best karting driver while Diego Bertonelli, 17 years old from Forte dei Marmi, has been the best one among F4 drivers. 

Gian Carlo Minardi could not missed the event as Supervisor of this Federal Super-course who comments as follows: I have to congratulate all the selected boys. It has been really hard to choose a winner at the end of these four days, especially among the four kart drivers. All their scores were close, and this proves that they have assimilated very well their tutor’s and instructor’s suggestions and teachings.Also Beronelli and Ponzio, who already knew the circuit and the car, have been able to improve considerably in comparison to their race performances just over a month ago.Both of them have had an excellent apprenticeship opportunity that could bring them substantial results next year.We have learned with pleasure that other Federations are exporting our project and our know-how with young drivers”.

Within the end of the year, some scholarship could be delivered, so to broaden the project of ACI Team Italia that has Ghiotto and Marciello among its current representatives.“ ACI Sport general manager, Marco Ferrari, has declared he wants to make available some scholarhips to the winners of the Super-course  to make easier their passage from Kart to Formula 4 Italia”, the manager from Faenza concludes.