Austrian GP – Preview

Formula 1 prepares his return to Austria, on a track that has had a “makeover”: I already had the chance to see and taste it a year and a half ago, during a race of the Italian Championship organized by ACI Sport. We are speaking of a well-structured circuit, with a good organization.
The Grand Prix will be surrounded by a series of promotional events. In the main one, the Austrian drivers who have raced in F1 world will return to step into their historical cockpits: therefore we’ll see Niki Lauda at the wheel of Ferrari 312T and Gerard Berger on 88C, Alexander Wurz on Benetton B198 and our Patrick Friesacher on Minardi PS05.
Red Bull is creating a great media event to watch and follow – they are masters in this kind of things. As I said it is a revisited track, certainly less dangerous than in the past, where the chassis and aerodynamics will be able to give a hand to the home team.

After the interlude in Canada marked by first seal of Daniel Ricciardo, Formula 1 is coming back to Europe. Mercedes has showed its only Achilles’ heel – reliability – that could liven up the World Championship. To say what will happen is not easy. There is a high chance of rain, and traction and aerodynamics will be an important component, as well as the tyres, especially on a dry track. Pirelli will bring in fact Supersoft and Soft. I expect a Mercedes ready to play the hare, with a Red Bull – strongly growing – ready to chase her. Ferrari seemed to be able to surprise us with important innovations, which unfortunately in Montreal have not yielded the expected results.
Do not forget about Williams, Force India and Toro Rosso. Depending on the circuit, or on the pairs pilot-circuit or power-unit-circuit, we might have some surprises. Fifteen days ago we saw a Williams in great shape. Without the inconvenience during the pit stop, maybe Massa could have fought for the first place, also keeping away from the contact with Perez. Who has had the ability to grab the Mercedes power-unit will do the killjoy, especially in the case of a KO of Rosberg and Hamilton.
We hope to live a red-hot and non-programmed final.