Belgian GP – Drivers’ Scorecard

After the Belgian Grand Prix and awaiting the arrival of Monza circuit, it’s time to give some votes. The top of the class is certainly the winner, Daniel Ricciardo.

Daniel Ricciardo – 9 Perfect race, master of his car and excellent harmony with the Team. Now he’s to be trusted, also in view of the future

Valtteri Bottas – 8 With four podiums, he’s becoming the most interesting pilot of the new generation. He doesn’t make mistakes and might soon climb further steps of the podium

Kimi Raikkonen – 7.5 He deserves encouragement. Finally, he showed that the world title was not a case, gaining his best world ranking

Fernando Alonso – 7 For fighting with a car which is not yet up to the top ones and because of problems with Power-Unit. In addition, the inconvenience on the start row cost him 5″ penalty, decisive for the final result

Nico Rosberg – 6.5 With the car that he’s in his hands, he should certainly do a lot more. I think that the contact with Hamilton is the result of a race’s mistake, but he had to be more cautious. Such carelessness should not be done during the second lap

Daniil Kvyat – 6.5 Good competition for the young pilot of Toro Rosso. The Russian confirms that age is not a limit

Jenson Button and Felipe Massa – 5 The gap with the teammates is too wide. They have to think about it

Jules Bianchi – 6 Good Qualifying for the French, that shows a steady growth

Sebastian Vettel – 5 He makes mistakes which are not as World Champion and he loses another challenge with his teammate. 50″ of gap are too much. Maybe it’s time to find new ideas and challenges

Kevin Magnussen – 5 He’s too aggressive in the fights, taking excessive risks for himself and his rivals

At Lotus’, both drivers and team will have to ponder, because they seem to drift a bit. They have to change their course immediately