Belgian GP – THE POINT… by Gian Carlo Minardi

An amazing Formula 1 Grand Prix is filed, with its important and historic circuit, Spa-Francorchamps; after the devastating domain marked Mercedes in qualifying, it re-opened the games with the third success of Ricciardo, before Rosberg and Bottas.

It will be a Grand Prix that will have developments in the motor-homes, where important moves are expected. The contact in the second lap between Rosberg and Hamilton will get talked about in the next few days, although I don’t think that it was voluntary. Certainly, that are contacts which should not take place in the second lap. Nico tried to brake. Moreover, let’s not forget that Mercedes has always said to leave free to fight its pilots. With regards to Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardo has not only achieved the third success of the season, but he has leaved behind the teammate of more than 50″, demonstrating that he has reached the necessary maturity to lead a team. The same RB has taken important steps, in spite of the engine’s handicap, proving to rely on good aerodynamics.

It was a lively race, in which all the teams had to change their strategies during the race, with duels, small contacts and strong actions to the limit, which are part of the sport nevertheless. Finally, we saw a beautiful race of Kimi Raikkonen, who fought as a champion needs to do, while regret still remain for what happened to Fernando Alonso and his penalty that costs him a possible fifth place.

As mentioned before, we expect incandescent hours. What we have seen today on the track may represent an important watershed in view of the upcoming season. Various hierarchies are consolidating within the teams: in Williams, the Finnish Bottas consolidates his leadership with the new podium, also proving to be an important player considering the market. He handled his car very well, with interesting overtakings. At McLaren’s, the young Magnussen still had his car before Jenson Button, who’s in his falling phase. Not for nothing, Honda is on the hunt for a top driver. At Red Bull’s, Ricciardo scored another stunning hit against the four-time world champion, while in Mercedes we heard strong releases of Toto Wolff and Lauda about Rosberg-Hamilton’s contact.