Bhai Tech, the future of racing part of Padova (Italy)

bhaitech.jpg'The Bhai Tech Advanced Vehicle Science Centre in Italy will equip drivers, engineers, race teams and car manufacturers to perform at the highest level with an integrated offering of high tech tools for the virtualised future of motorsport.

• Full-motion cutting edge race simulator with GP2 tub and controls; 210° 8 m diameter curved screen.
• In-house developed range of ‘BhT’ vehicle modelling software for real time data analysis on and off the track, and component design and development.
• Driver development programmes. On site facilities include fitness suite and personal trainers; fitness plans linked to tests on adjacent driving simulator.
• Off-track services in purpose-built workshop such as torsion, wind tunnel, aero, and track and lab tyre testing, metrology and CFD.
• Fully outsourced race and test team provision and engineering consultancy via Bhai Tech Racing and its fully-equipped race truck transporter.
• A new business model responding to the changing shape of motorsport and vehicle development; accessible to car manufacturers and small companies.
• Bhai Tech Racing to compete in the Italian GT Championship with a new McLaren MP4-12C.
Padova, Italy – The new Bhai Tech Advanced Vehicle Science Centre, based in northern Italy, will open to global customers this month. The centre will drive advancements in vehicle and racing driver development via its state-of-the-art full motion driver simulator, proven simulation and modelling software, driver development programmes (including an onsite fitness suite) and a wide range of on and off-track technology services. The company’s on–track arm, Bhai Tech Racing, will also compete in selected rounds of the 2012 Italian GT Championship with a new McLaren MP4-12C.
Bhai Tech is the vision of Ferdinando Bada, the head of automotive OEM and motorsport supply companies Bimecc Engineering SPA, a market leader in manufacturing accessories, and APP TECH, a specialist producer of aluminium and magnesium forged wheels.
Bada’s 30 years’ industry experience includes co-ownership of a Formula 3000 team and most recently, a successful GP2 team. Sharing his passion for motorsport and running the company on a day-to-day basis is Bhai Tech’s managing director, Keith Parmar.
The Bhai Tech team includes some of motorsport’s most talented and renowned engineers. Vastly experienced and successful engineer and driver developer, Roberto Costa, is technical director. Costa has worked his way through all motorsport formulae (FF1600, Formula Opel Lotus, FF2000, F3, F3000 and GP2) for Ralt, Reynard, Draco Racing and Piquet Sport amongst others and developed F1 drivers such as Pastor Maldonaldo and Rubens Barrichello.
Fellow ex-Piquet Sport engineer Giuseppe Callea is head of vehicle dynamics, bringing a wealth of expertise in modelling, simulation and tyre development. The technical triumvirate is completed by multiple championship winner and expert engineer Stefano Alessi, who is head of engineering and has successfully, partnered Roberto Costa for over 10 years.
“Motorsport is rapidly changing and accurate simulation and exhaustive preparation are essential for teams that want more than an average performance. Bhai Tech is committed to researching and offering new, integrated methods to dramatically condense the learning process for drivers and engineers, as well as to exponentially expanding their potential,” says Roberto Costa, technical director. “Unlike most other motorsport engineering houses, Bhai Tech has been conceived from the outset to anticipate future needs and serve multiple customers with the most complete range of technical services, from under one roof. We are not tied to one customer, technology or area of expertise.”
At the core of Bhai Tech’s offering is its new 6-DOF driving simulator, developed with Cruden B.V., and backed up by an infrastructure to support customers throughout the process. Set up for both driver and vehicle development in a formula car configuration, the simulator is fully immersive with five off-board projectors and a 210° 8 m diameter curved screen. The simulator – one of the world’s most advanced full motion simulators that can be booked by appointment – has many advanced features including a revolutionary harness loading system and a sophisticated rear view mirror system, where the view behind the race car is played through screens and reflected onto the car’s actual mirrors. A second, interchangeable GT car cockpit is under development. A vast library of global race tracks and vehicle models are available to drive.
Bhai Tech’s own ‘BhT’ family of vehicle modelling software has been built in house, through years of continuous development and benefits from the most advanced propriety software tooling available such as Matlab, Catia, Adams, etc. With BhT Driver and Car Manager, teams are able to write, organise, compare and store all available data in real time whether at the track or workshop. BhT Advanced Vehicle Modeller (AVM) simulates dynamic vehicle behavior using extremely accurate models validated against real data and BhT Advanced Vehicle Modeller Workbook where the new simulated information can be analysed in depth.
General facilities
The Advanced Vehicle Science Centre is less than one hour’s drive from Venice and Verona airports and is easily accessible from Bologna and Bergamo. The location provides clement weather and excellent proximity to great, affordable race tracks such as Adria, Monza, Mugello, Imola, Misano and Panonia (Croatia). Complementing its technical equipment, office space for permanent and customer engineering staff and servers capable of running up to 100 simulation tasks in parallel, Bhai Tech offers professional and amateur enthusiast customers access to its fully equipped fitness centre and shower facilities and even a lounge bar area where partners and family can relax.
About Bhai Tech
Bhai Tech was founded in 2011 as the collaboration between the CEO of two established Italian automotive supply companies, Ferdinando Bada, and some of motorsport’s most talented and renowned engineers. The company’s Advanced Vehicle Science Centre is a research and development hub for any and all systems that advance the performance capabilities of both drivers and vehicles. Bhai Tech’s services include a full-motion driving simulator facility, driver development programmes including an onsite fitness suite, vehicle modelling and simulation software and on and off-track support services. Bhai Tech Racing also competes in selected rounds of the Italian GT Championship with a new McLaren MP4-12C.
Bhai Tech joins APP TECH and Bimecc Engineering as the third company owned by Ferdinando Bada which has a highly technological profile. APP TECH is a producer of a specialist producer of aluminium and magnesium forged wheels for premium automobile manufactures, high-end aftermarket suppliers, specialised tuners and race teams. Bimecc is a manufacturer of wheel accessories. The Group has more than 30 years motorsport heritage ranging from all aspects of vehicle design, race team and driver development and the organisation of motorsport championships all over the world.