If, on the one hand, we lived two intense hours, on the other hand the GP was deeply affected by the safety car deployment and by tyres. To be honest, I think this is not the right way to run a GP and the Pirelli will have to batten down the hatches as soon as possible, above all for a matter of safety.

I hope rookie tests won’t be cancelled, as that would mean to frustrate car and tyre development. At the beginning of the weekend the Ferrari was in trouble, but the team was able to recover, as it was kissed by fortune. In such a long Championship some episodes cancel each other out. Vettel’s zero point cancel Alonso’s zero point scored in Malaysia. They’ll have to roll their sleeves up quickly to get ready for the next round, to be held at the Nurburgring in seven days.

Once again Alonso was the author of a hard-fought GP, but, although he managed to score a podium finish, which was an unhoped-for result until Saturday night, that is still not enough. In this moment the Mercedes is fighting against the Red Bull to become the Championship’s leader.

They took a great win with Rosberg, after monopolizing the first row on Saturday. Hamilton was delivering great performances, as well, but he was the first victim of tyre blow-out. The German team has the best couple of drivers, as they both can take the pole and win. They’re progressing, but the Red Bull still remains the reference car, as proved by the standing.

 Despite Raikkonen’s comment, Lotus made a strategy error again. It was a pity, because Kimi drove a great race and I think he would have deserved something more. Positive weekend for the Toro Rosso and the Force India; the two teams showed they can bother top teams. They’re fighting to get a good position inside the Championship. The Faenza-based team scored some points, increasing the gap with Sauber and the Force India increased the gap with the McLaren, as well. It’s such a good result for two second-tier teams.

In its 600th GP the Williams almost scored points finishing 11th and 12th. To be honest, I hoped they would have finished in the points zone to make their celebration day even more special. No doubt we have to praise Frank who is still fighting for his team’s development. I wish him to be a protagonist again.