Canadian GP – Drivers' Scorecard

After the Canadian Grand Prix, and the closing of this American parenthesis, it’s time to give some votes.

Daniel Ricciardo – 9 He showed what he’s made: should anyone still had any doubts about him, he must have changed his mind. No doubt, he’s the positive revelation of this season.

Nico Rosberg – 9 He brought home a second place despite a car that during the race experienced some reliability problems. Since qualifying and in the early stages of the race he showed to his team-mate that he’s a tough nut.

Jean-Eric Vergne – 7.5 Excellent qualifying and race for the Toro Rosso driver, who keeps the Faenza’s team before Lotus.

Lewis Hamilton – 7 Unfortunately, for the second time he was knocked out by reliability.

Felipe Massa – 7 Unfortunately, shortly after the race I was misled and in the first comments I put all the blame on him. He was actually the author of a great race, messed-up by Perez.

Jenson Button – 7.5 A good fourth place for the English driver, despite a McLaren not at the top.

In what proved to be the most exciting race of the year, I would give all the others a 6, both as an encouragement and for the show that they were able to create anyway.

To raise their paddles for the teams: I’d give it a beautiful 9 to Red Bull for winning their first race in this 2014, interrupting the supremacy of Mercedes and beating everyone to the draw with the contract of Adrian Newey. A good 8 to Williams and Toro Rosso. One point less for Force India. Unfortunately, the promises have not been followed by facts, and so Ferrari gets a narrow 6, only for its reliability.