Canadian GP – PREVIEW

We’ve arrived at the seventh round of F1 World Championship and we are fast approaching mid-season. This weekend, Formula 1 flies overseas to Canada, Montreal, before coming back again to the Old Continent with six consecutive races, ranging from Austrian GP (returning this year in F1 calendar) to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

It is a mixed track, halfway between street and permanent circuit, extremely difficult due to high consumption and important breaks. Also, we must not forget the weather issue, with the winds from the two Oceans that might influence the course of the race. We arrive at the circuit named after Gilles Villeneuve, with the hope of seeing Ferrari ready to redeem thanks to the numerous novelties of which we have been hearing so much about. The objective of Maranello has to be the third step of the podium and the second place among Constructors, i.e. the first among the “others”. To do so, however, they need major and constant developments, also because we see a Red Bull constantly growing, ready to chase the invincible Mercedes.

Daniel Ricciardo is galvanized by the two consecutive podium finishes, but I would not give for missing a four-time World Champion such as Sebastian Vettel, even though, to date, it has happened all that once happened to Webber. At Red Bull’s the atmosphere is certainly not serene, with Adrian Newey ready for a sabbatical year.

In this beginning of the season we have seen starting grids and arrivals consisting of teams’ pairs, with two Mercedes, two Red Bull and two Ferrari, with Williams, Force India and Toro Rosso ready to bring home positions and important points, also taking advantage of errors by the top teams. Even here in Canada, I expect a very similar plot. Excluding the first six places, there are four positions left to complete the Top Ten. The ones more prepared and capable to hit the race will then be the ones to smile, coming back to Europe with a good outcome.

Force India will try to keep the fourth position, with Massa and Bottas ready to overtake McLaren for fifth place.