EXCLUSIVE – BMW ready to come back in Formula 1

After saying goodbye to The Circus in 2009 as constructor, BMW is ready to step back and return to Formula 1 as engine manufacturer.

Gian Carlo Minardi notices this piece of news on the website minardi.it. “The engine revolution that has marked this new era of Formula 1 has involved several engine manufactures, present and not present on the race field”, the manager from Faenza comments. “We’ve always affirmed that several constructors are testing these new power units, that will represent the future for standard cars, independently from their participation to the F1 World Championship. German rumour has it that a BMW Board of Directors has been fixed for the month of May to consider a coming back in F1 already for 2015. The promoter of this project is Steven Althaus, Director Brand Management BMW and Marketing Services BMW Group. A confirmation of BMW’s concrete will to evaluate future projects has been the continuous and steady presence of technicians, both in the pre-season testing and during the first races, gathering important information.

Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault and Honda (which entrance has been fixed long since for next year) might soon have a new competitor. “The entrance of the German engine manufacturer might be a breath of fresh air for this Formula 1, both from the technical and economical side, helping teams that – at present – are suffering a difficult situation. If the interest of a manufacturer such as BMW will be confirmed, this will be the answer to the technical choices adopted and the confirmation that F1 is and will be the World best expression of car racing”, the manager form Faenza concludes.

BMW’s history in Formula 1 World Championship is rooted in the 50s. In 1983, with Nelson Piquet driving Brabham-BMW Turbo, BMW was crowned World Champion, the first at the top in the new era of turbocharger. In that season, the successes for the German turbo power unit were four (three with Piquet and one with our Patrese).

More recently, they provided Williams with a power unit – from 2000 to 2005 – before acquiring team Sauber in 2006, renaming it BMW Sauber F1. Despite the success in 2008 in Canada with the Polish Robert Kubica – the first victory as constructor – they announced their withdrawal from the World Championship on 29th July, 2009. The structure was then acquired back by Peter Sauber.