F.1 – Formula 1 of the future will be written in Mexico

This weekend, in Mexico, the World Council will meet with the intention of designing the Formula 1 of tomorrow.

Circus need clear and stable rules that guarantee the future of Formula 1, getting closer new constructors and fans. “The subject will be the possibility of having two races per weekend and enter a third car for the young drivers. There are many opportunities to take advantage of; let’s hope everything will be considered”, Gian Carlo Minardi analyzes. “I am concerned about some choices that are often made beyond any logic. I hope serious proposals will come out. Fortunately, the idea of refuelling seems to have been shelved permanently”, the manager from Faenza continues, hoping more clarity in the regulations. “The F.1 at the moment is shrouded in considerable uncertainty that does not help. No manufacturer, right now, is so crazy to enter“.