F.1 – Gian Carlo Minardi: “FIA should shed some light on Alonso's accident”

Finally confirmation has arrived: Fernando Alonso will not race the Australian Grand Prix, scheduled for the weekend of March 14th-15th and scene of the opening round of Formula 1 World Championship. Alongside Jenson Button at the wheel of McLaren-Honda, then there will be the test driver and third driver Kevin Magnussen.

A communication that will increase the already numerous questions that surround the accident of February 22nd on Barcelona’s track. Fernando had been taken to hospital as a consequence of the violent concussion. Since that day, however, no certainties. The International Federation has opened a file with the aim to clear up, but to date any official communication has not been issued.

As for now, the only accused is Aeolus. “There’s need to shed light on this affair. I hope that the FIA will clear up before the start of the World Championship”, Gian Carlo Minardi says, speaking on www.minardi.it. “When we speak about safety, I expect that all the necessary checks are aim of verification. From 1994 to date, great strides have been made in this sector, but in front of this new episode might be missing something. Maybe it was underestimated the side impact or something. Until now, so many words have been wasted, but without understanding the cause of the accident. I agree on Fernando’s decision not to take part in the Grand Prix, because after a head injury, you must always observe a period of rest for about 30-40 days. In boxing, after a KO, you have to be on the bench before coming back to the ring“, Minardi analyzes. “Motor racing is a very dangerous sport and it is useless to risk running into a new accident that could bring far worse consequences“. The decision was taken in mutual agreement with the doctors who followed the Spaniard in recent days. “The fact that they allows him to continue his athletic training is certainly a good signal“. The manager from Faenza and talent scout of the Spaniard champion clamours for truth coming to light. “We owe it to drivers, teams and especially to fans“, Gian Carlo Minardi concludes.