F.1 – Jean Todt reinforces the FIA

With a more technologically advanced F1, the FIA tries to take remedial actions and President Jean Todt strengthens his working group alongside the experts Charlie Whiting, Jo Bauer and also the aerodynamic expert Marcin Budkowski, with past experiences in Maranello and Woking.

Therefore, the International Federation wants to give greater authority to the inspections, trying to counter the wiles of the engineers in action within the team. “I find it a very appropriate move. Electronics and mechanics are really advanced and within the FIA have to work engineers and technicians who know very well the F1 environment and all latest technologies. In this way, it’s possible to write and establish clear sporting rules, giving the stability that is lacking today“, Gian Carlo Minardi says on www.minardi.it.I have always believed, and I repeat for some time, that it is up to the FIA to establish the rules of the future and not to a Strategy Group composed of the same team. This will avoid furthering their own cause. Therefore, these technicians must undertake not to return to cooperate with the teams involved in the World Championship“, the manager from Faenza, busy at Monza circuit for the ACI Racing Weekend, continues. “We are in a very delicate moment for the Circus, where the uncertainty rules the roost, even blocking the entrance of new constructors“, Minardi concludes.