F.1 – Minardi: "A quarter of the budget for engine and gearbox? That's no good"

The Australian Grand Prix, the opening race of the F1 World Championship, along with Mercedes ready to dominate the scene, showed us several teams in strong economic difficulty, asking for advances on 2014 rewards.

Over the past year, these scenes took place at a later time, toward the end of the season. Today, instead, we are awaiting only the second race. We had Force India (sixth team of 2014 World Championship) forced to race with the old car for most of the tests, Manor that currently haven’t still raced even a lap and lost the Caterham. “It’s a very serious matter that has to make us think about. I still maintain that the main evil is the exaggerated cost of the engines”, Gian Carlo Minardi analyses at the columns of www.minardi.it. “20 – 22 million dollars is a staggering price. The “engine-gearshift” entry can’t occupy a quarter of the team’s budget. We always talk about twelve engines per season per team. Four cars, plus four others for testing”, the manager from Faenza says.

Only manufacturers can afford certain expenses, but at the moment they are only four (Mercedes, Ferrari, Honda and Renault), too few to ensure the spectacle of F1. For customer team is crazy. Mercedes claims a turnover of 440 million dollars … Such a competition doesn’t work. It’s too selective. At these budget levels, the current F1 Championship makes difficult to earn an adequate economic return for commercial sponsor that are not the manufacturers themselves, as it was instead a time ago”.

A famous Italian saying goes: “Non tirare troppo la corda…perché prima o poi si spezza” (- don’t’ take things too far -). And it’s like what is going on in this Formula 1. “We must review the regulations. We started in the right way, blocking the cost of engines to 5 million. It would have to continue on that way, to stabilize teams’ turnovers”.

Other signals dismay: Nurburgring’s about face is another highly negative signal. “The organizers of the historic German GP – always in F1 – give up and this shakes the wrists and worries for even our future. 2016 is fast approaching and we must give all necessary guarantees for the contract renewal of the Italian Grand Prix. The old country is likely to disappear from the world of Formula 1. Together with Silverstone and Monaco, we speak of the circuits that have shaped the history of this sport”. The new actors, such as Qatar, are ready to take over in their place. “Will they be sufficient to keep alive the Circus? The F1 has to take remedial action to take its fans back, approach them, find new resources and explore new strategies to reduce operating costs”.