Montecarlo Grand Prix enlivened in the closing stages, thanks to Grosjean-Verstappen’s contact, after a good recovery of the Dutch driver, despite the error in the pit stop, and thanks to the reckless, inappropriate strategy of Mercedes, which called the leader of the race at the pit with the safety-car, in my opinion for an excessive pride, bringing then the success to Rosberg.

Lewis Hamilton – 10 His Qualifying lap was spectacular and his race flawless, managed at his best all race, from the beginning till the end. Too bad for the mistake of the pit stop. On his return on track, he tried several times to overcome Vettel, who achieved a second position.

Sebastian Vettel – 8 He optimized the Ferrari, which still gives something to competitors. The third placement in Qualifying was excellent and it was the first one after Mercedes to get under the wall of 1’16”. He made no mistake during the race, managing to do well at the restart after the safety car, standing Hamilton’s ground and trying to attack him with his SuperSoft tyres.

Nico Rosberg – 8 He was behind his team mate for the whole weekend, but helped by the mistake in the final laps. With the victory, he is just 10 points away from the teammate, making the next GP more electrifying. On the final, he managed to outdistance Vettel with more than 4 sec, constantly racing on 1’18″599 and 1’18″700.

Jenson Button – 8 Despite McLaren-Honda still in late, he achieved the first points in the World Championship. Throughout the race, he defended himself with pretty good time results, in spite of a delay in car development.

Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat – 7.5 Red Bull has shown significant progresses in this weekend. Ferrari will have to be careful. Good work by Daniel and good sportsmanship to the fellow who finished fourth. Kvyat was criticized excessive.

Sergio Perez – 7 He struggled with determination throughout the weekend bringing the Force India in seventh place. He did as best as he could.

Carlos Sainz jr. – 7 Hi race was amazing, after an excellent Qualifying performance but with excessive zeal in stewards’ application of the regulations. He started from the pits with a very risky strategy and recovered up to tenth place.

Unsatisfactory all the others, especially Raikkonen, who lost once again the comparison with Vettel. Too many mistakes and he was unremarkable in both practice and race sessions.

Talking about the team, in addition to the disastrous race management of Mercedes (4), things went certainly not very well also at Williams, which will be forced to defend itself against a Red Bull in growth, instead of fighting for the second place in the championship. A 6 of encouragement to Sauber, Force India, Lotus and Toro Rosso.