F.1 – Road to… Hungaroring

The Hungaroring circuit, where the 10th Formula 1 GP is going to be hosted, is usually compared to a kart circuit due to his very slow layout requiring a strong downforce unlike the two next appointments on the Spa-Francorchamps and Monza tracks.

It’s going to be an insidious week-end due to the high temperatures embarrassing resistance of Pirelli’s Soft and Medium tyres, the little grid of the asphalt and the dust, which is settling in this moment, even because we are talking about a little used track. Another variable will be determined by the tyre settling outside the ideal trajectory and that could create some complications for drivers engaged in overtakings.

Due to the cancellation of the German GP we come in Hungary after three weeks of forced break. We’ll see who has worked in a better way and what newness will have been bring forward. Beyond Mercedes’ supremacy I hope Ferrari could counter attack the recovery of William, which showed strong signals of growth in the last appointments. Maranello is called to show a strong signal to be again the second World championship power even on track.

Behind these two teams the gap is short. It doesn’t take much to change the forces in the field.

Red Bull remains the great riddle of this year. They remain a fearsome entity thanks to their potential even if they are heavily paying the delay of Renault PU. Moreover, they have some complications with the chassis.

Toro Rosso “cousins” signed for the firth place in the Constructor standings. Certainly, thanks to their technical and economical potential, this goal is within their reach. So far they didn’t collect what they deserved.

The fifth position won’t be an easy goal to gain and Force India goes with an advantage of 20 points.

Gian Carlo Minardi