Ferrari fans were very disappointed, because they expected something new and more decisive for the Spanish Grand Prix that, unfortunately, did not take place, as demonstrated by the 45″ of lead between Sebastian Vettel and the winner Nico Rosberg.

Unfortunately, they represent a step back of Mercedes’ run up. Podiums are good but because they help to keep high the moral in a difficult moment. Today, luckily, we miss those teams (i.e. McLaren and Red Bull) who only 12 months ago were constantly in top positions. The Team Principal Mr.Arrivabene himself, after the race, was very severe, stating that this gap is not fine at all. It will certainly be a very long way since we do not know the real limits of Germans. They ended the fifth Grand Prix of the season with the same power-unit, sign of reliability and strength against competitors which ask the fifth unit for car/year.

Behind Ferrari, there was Williams, that in the first four races made few mistakes. It will certainly be a tough nut for the second place in Constructors championship. This standings is much clearer over the past year in quality and performance. In Qualifying we saw a spectacular Red Bull that, unfortunately, is not able to repeat itself in race management, giving way to Red Bull’s rich cousins. The cause is also to be searched in the straights that PU Renault give to competitors. Let’s arrive to the votes.

Nico Rosberg – 10 He managed the whole weekend in an exemplary manner, becoming once again the “Nico” that last year contrasted Lewis. We hope that the internal struggle for the title will reopen, since all the others are light years away

Lewis Hamilton – 8 I saw him nervous. He suffered unjustly for the perfect weekend of his teammate. A champion like him should be able to manage these realities because Rosberg is not a Number 2. Up to now, he has been able to win three races perfect and with no problems

Sebastian Vettel – 8 because he did not make any mistakes in Qualifying and during the race

Valtteri Bottas – 8 Excellent race; he managed to keep up with Ferrari’s compatriot, putting his Williams between the two Reds

Kimi Raikkonen – 7 A vote of encouragement, because in the whole weekend has been behind his teammate. To keep Ferrari in second position in the world championship, he have to win the competition on Williams.

Felipe Massa – 6.5 a we do not live up to the first part of the championship. In Barcelona he has definitely lost the confrontation with teammate. He brought home a 6th place and important points.

Daniel Ricciardo – 7.5 still an appointment full of problems. He knew, however, how to achieve a good seventh place, even with a lap down

Romain Grosjean – 7.5 despite a car with several problems, he tried to his best to bring Lotus the points for the World Championship

Daniil Kvyat – 6 Some mistakes and a bad start, but the car is difficult to drive. He lost also the comparison with Sainz Jr. Anyway, he deserves more attention and less critics. I find foolish the comparison with Vettel.