F1, Belgian Gp – Scorecards

That at the Circuit of Spa was a special day. We saw a crowded circuit as we hadn’t seen since good times. This Gp was dominated by Mercedes with a breath-taking final due to the burst of the right rear tire of Vettel’s Ferrari. This refrain will lead the discussion for the next fifteen days looking forward to Monza.As usual, we draw up our scorecards:

Lewis Hamilton – 9 honestly he would also deserved 10, but the credit of his supremacy belongs to Mercedes other than his unquestionable virtue. Even so, Lewis has outclassed his team-mate Rosberg giving him 0”458 in practice. After a perfect start, he managed the race to his linking continuing to distance himself from his main rival.

Romain Grosjena – 8 Lotus driver ended on the podium one of his best ever Gp since he has been in F1. Capable in he Practice, perfect in the race. He skilfully managed the car and and the tires. Once he had understood Vettel’s strategy, consisting in just one pit stop, he attacked Ferrari driver in the final part of the race. He gave a real shot in the arm to his Team that had lived a difficult w.e. among lawyers and bailiffs due to its economical difficulties.

Sebastian Vettel – 8 thanks to what he showed in the race. In practice he hadn’t been decisive with his ninth time that could have had compromised the Gp. Once again, the makings of a Champion has emerged during the race with a super start, a robot race pace and a peculiar management of tires aimed to reach the podium. Surely he adopted an hazardous strategy, but he was great in the last laps facing the Eau Rouge with his tires stressed by 26/27 laps. Then, unfortunately, the burst at the 28th lap frustrated all his work and strategy.

Daniil Kvyat (4°) and Max Verstappen (8°) – 8 these two guys showed us old-time overtakings. The first is gaining his Team’s trust thanks to his resolution and speedy. The second showed us how to face the Blanchimount (one of the most difficult and fastest bend) keeping his foot down and making an almost impossible overtaking. “Insanity an genius” has emerged making us understand his great potential. Surely we’ll enjoy his challenge in the future.

Sergio Pérez – 7 he gained a good qualifying, he didn’t make any mistakes during the race assuring to Force India an unexpected fifth place and some important scores for the championship.

Fernando Alonso – 7 he has demonstrated to be that Champion he is and he would deserve a more competitive car. He has showed his value during the race with a quick start that allow him to recover 8 positions and fight for a long time with Ericsson (10th) and Nasr’s Sauber during the race. He imposed 49” to his mate-driver Button.

Nico Rosberg – 6 I don’t understand what is happening to him! He was outclassed in practice by Lewis, making a disastrous start and a little aggressive race. Only the excessive power of Mercedes, that hasn’t rivals at the moment, permitted him to reach the second place and the fastest time. Not enough for someone who would aim to challenge his mate-driver for the final victory.

Kimi Raikkonen – 6 the renewal of the contract wasn’t enough to glance him over. He did the minimum required to gain some scores, but I expect more from him even if he has reached Vettel’s times in many occasions during the race. Unfortunately this times are distant from Mercedes’ ones.

Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa have no vote because Williams once again nullyfied everything with their miscalculated strategies, and their mistakes at the box. Anyway, they were good in qualifying with Bottas in the second row. Probably it’s time to review some managing mechanisms.