F1 | Brazilian GP – Minardi “10 to Verstappen”

Taking into account the harsh weather conditions with which the drivers had to fight,I just think that every driver is to be applauded, independently from the fact that he reached the finish line or was protagonist in some accidents. Visibility was low and the aquaplaning risk around the corner.

Anyway, I want to give a great 10 to Max Verstappen that amused us with significant overtakings, detachments, and countersteers with which he managed to recover to the third place in spite of the hazard strategy of the pit. Being equal the car, he defeated the competition of his team mate, his first rival.

10 to Felipe Massa who raced his last Brazilian grand prix and ends his career in fifteen days in Abu Dhabi. The fondness he received was touching. In these years, Felipe has proved to be an honest gregarious and an excellent worker. He made the Ferrari fans dream. They celebrated with him – even if for few seconds- the world title.

The Brazilian Grand Prix was also important for several other stables like Toro Rosso that conquered an important sixth place (for the constructors’ world championship title) with Carlos Sainz, and Sauber that achieved two points at the last minute, outdoing Manor (the eleventh with a point) in the standings. At some points during the race, Manor and Sauber were equal in the standings. It was a beautiful fight. Both their pits must have experienced moments of tensions.