F1 | Canadian GP – THE POINT

Surely, Sebastian Vettel’s start is one of the few positive signals in this grand prix, along with Max Verstappen’s good defense against Nico Rosberg, and the high-level struggle between Lewis Hamilton and the Ferrari man, going chastely at 1.16. Once again, the World Champion was not perfect at the start and was off guard,  but he definitely reopens the world championship with this win.

Strengthened the second place, the Ferrari pit tried the utmost with a risky strategy. In my view, it was the only move to do in that moment to try to tear the win off to a Mercedes still superior as lap-times prove. Only in the final, Vettel, thanks to the few fuel on board, managed to reach the times of Hamilton and Rosberg, the maker of the fastest lap of the race. Unfortunately, then Nico found on his path a great Verstappen that forced him to a mistake in the final. Anyway, very good the German driver that optimized his Ferrari, as his vantage of 59″ (definitely too much) on Kimi Raikkonen, that ends in sixth, demonstrates. Is it perhaps time to look around?

Williams handled very well the race with Bottas in third place, taking full advantage of other’s mistakes. In a week, we will arrive in Baku, a new and extremely fast track with little space for mistakes.