F1 | Drivers'market. Minardi "Stroll towards Williams, but there are also our drivers"

If one of our standard-bearer, Giovinazzi, Fuoco, or Ghiotto does not make his debut into Formula 1, then it will be useless to work”. These hard words belong to Gian Carlo Minardi interviewed by www.minardi.it about the drivers’ market for 2017.

The manager from Faenza does not use any turn of phrase to stress the quality of our drivers who are protagonists in their respective championships: GP3 and GP2 Series. “In Gp2, Antonio Giovinazzi and Raffaele Marciello are in the second and third position, fighting for the title. Further away, there is Luca Ghiotto, maker of a positive debut season. With two remaining GP3 events, Antonio Fuoco is in the second place.

During the Italian Grand Prix weekend, Felipe Massa announced his retirement from   racing, whereas McLaren welcomed Softel Vandoome that will race beside Fernando Alonso, with Jenson Button relegated as a third/test driver. “It could be Lance Stroll the substitute of Felipe Massa, beside Bottas. Now, the Canadian driver is committed to win the European FIA F3 Championship to gain the Super Licence, and for the first time in his short career he does not make any announcements”, the ex Team Principal continues.

 The Canadian driver,born in 1998,  signed his debut with the single seaters in the first edition of the Italian Formula 4 championship powered by Abarth and inaugurated its golden book, then  the following year he passed to the FIA F3 European Championship. With still two scheduled races (Imola and Hockenaim) Stroll leads the standings of the European Formula 3. “We have to see what Sauber, Manor and Renault are going to do. The French team is working in the backstage to build its 2017 team. Important movements are also expected at Sauber after the change in ownership. Hypothetically speaking, there are still six/seven recommendable drivers, and Antonio Giovinazzi could be the market man. He has proved his talent in all these years, not only in GP”.

The Minardi family, thanks to the intuition of Gian Carlo and Giovanni, has proved his great feeling with young drivers, following the first phases in their career. “In 2010, along with my son Giovanni, I gave Giovinazzi the possibility to prove his value in a test day at Varano with a Formula Abarth, opening his path this way. Then, he found the important Indonesian endorsement. In GP2, he is showing his talent decisively, as he did in Formula 3”.

The games are open, and we wish to quickly see the tricolor flag in the top series.