F1 | Ecclestone inclined to two races. Minardi «A correct choice»

Formula 1 tries to look ahead, looking for new formats and solutions to attract a moving away audience.

It does this through Bernie Ecclestone who points his finger at too long races, proposing to split the Grand Prix into two races, 40 minutes each, with different starts.90 minutes of race (if not more) are really too many for the current spectators’ needs. Other sports are considering shorter format, as well. Having two races on Sundays could be the right solution. Between a race and the other, the mechanics will have the chance to work on the cars and the drivers will make the interviews”, Mr. Eccletsone explains.

A solution backed by Gian Carlo Minardi who had already proposed the idea of making two separated events. We have to promote spectators’ needs, who are changing faster than the show offered today does. I surely agree with the choise of two races. The audience would benefit from this choise, and the show as well because there would be two separated starts – the manager from Faenza tells us – . As it was Formula 2 in the 70s. I hope that the weekend in Abu Dhabi is the occasion to speak about the future. In 2017 there will be significant changes, around the calendar there is a lot of uncertainty. We know that Sepang will exit from 2019. Singapore is thinking of not renewing and Brazil is hanging the balance. Against the current, Montreal has renewed his agreement”.