F1 | Engines supply, Gian Carlo Minardi warns "Honda is a risk"

While teams are engaged in the last session of collective Barcelona test in preparation for the first seasonal GP in Australia, behind the scenes one continues to work to change F1.

In addition to the changes in qualifying proposed by the F1 Commission and the Strategy Group that should come into play this year, starting from the Spanish GP, as Bernie Ecclestone directly announced “the new elimination software won’t be ready until May”; they also talk about new rules for the Power-Unit supply. The proposal would concern a minimum supply of two team for each manufacturer, with a maximum of three customers. So far, the Circus includes four suppliers (Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda) and eleven stables (Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams, Red Bull Racing, Force India, Renault, Scuderia Toro Rosso, Manor and the American new entry Haas).

According to the results of the first four testing days, Mercedes is still the leading manufacturer, not just because of its reliability (with its 3800 km travelled) but also because of its power, 950 validated HP, against 930 HP at Ferrari, 900 HP at Renault and 850 HP at Honda. So far, the World Champions supply four teams (Mercedes, Williams, Force India and Manor), like Ferrari does. With Renault and Red Bull, the Trans-alpines have two stables and McLaren with Honda. Eyes are on the Japanese manufacturer who faces a hard task after a disastrous 2015 and a change in top management.

GIAN CARLO MINARDIIf their difficulties continue also this year, Honda could decide to withdraw. Nobody likes to lose too much. According to what I have heard, the Japanese would have also some difficulties with the lubrication of the crankcase. Moreover, the change at the top management when the season has just started is not a good signal. The new rules force each manufacturer to supply two or three teams. In the event of a dramatic about-face, we will lack some supplies. It would be better to look around to find a new reliable manufacturer ” the manager from Faenza interviewed by www.minardi.it observes. “From Spain some rumors come about a nervous and worried Fernando Alonso”.