Lewis Hamilton – 9 because of his calmness and serenity with which he managed the race. Just a small imperfection: losing the challenge for the pole position with Rosberg.

Nico Rosberg – 8 for what he did in qualifying, with an amazing pole position. Congratulations even for the class with which he faced the post-race.

Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen – 8 for the double podium. The family fight gave the right motivation for bringing important points to the team. Ricciardo regained the leadership of his team.

Nico Hulkenberg -7 along with Perez he is taking Force India into important and unhoped positions. They are preparing to undermine Williams.

Jenson Button – 7 he troubled Alonso bringing some points to a growing McLaren.

Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen – 6 for encouragement, hoping that the summer break can bring some calm and clarify the ideas within Ferrari. The car can’t improve and the gap with competitors remains the same. It is the third power in the world championship.