F1 – Gian Carlo Minardi "I do not break down costs by limiting the test"

giancarlo_minardi.jpg'With the four-day test session in Barcelona Spain dropped the curtain on winter testing in Formula 1. Only in Australia, three two weeks, we know the true value of each car. The real values ​​will be fielded

“In two weeks no one can hide. Finally we will know the forces at work. We experienced a very intense month of February, but at the same time insufficient to wean a new car. Do not be telling me that this “concentrated group test” is sufficient to contain costs, given the comings and goings of vans and private aircraft between locations and track day after day to get updates. Perhaps it is time to put the focus on cost savings in other directions “analyzes Gian Carlo Minardi
“It ‘s been a month in which they were collected plenty of data that will now be compared in wind tunnel and simulator. Were aimed at seeking evidence of the reliability and performance. Mercedes and Ferrari have ground many miles without blaming any particular problems, although home-Horse remains a concern for non-free use and excessive tire wear. Eye Red Bull and McLaren seem to have a competitive advantage, whereas they are attributes of a good fuel load. It is not easy to give a fair value to the forces in the field when the gap between the top teams and those of the second band is reduced to a few tenths
In Barcelona we saw several new aerodynamic, especially on Red Bull, after presenting a car “traditional” has unleashed a particularly extreme in the rear bodywork with discharges on a more advanced blowing outside. For a change Newey’s car looks like the car with innovative solutions and reference to beat, albeit with some reliability problem
“says Minardi