F1 – Gian Carlo Minardi "The greatest danger may come from Raikkonen"

lotus.jpg'FAENZA – In August also the most crazy and beautiful world in recent years it is time to holiday and summer break. Waiting to enter the second half of the season teams are at work (except for 15 days) to sharpen the weapons by developing the latest developments. After the first half of the season we still have a dominant leader with a car, even if the constructors’ command to see a Red Bull with 246 points, against 193 of the McLaren, Lotus 192 and 189 of the Ferrari.

In the Fifth Round of ‘the Italian Formula 3 and Formula Series Euroepan ACI CSAI Abarth on the layout of the Austrian Red Bull Ring We met Gian Carlo Minardi to outline the framework of the first half of the season “Spa will be the real turning point of one of the most beautiful championships in recent years as the Hungaroring circuit is a world outside every parameter. To date we have not a real leader in terms of rider and machine. Despite the 40 points ahead of Alonso, I think it is premature to attribute this title. There are five pilots who may aspire to the title and upset the ranking. The greatest danger could come from just falling Raikkonen, who can count on a Lotus aggressive and consistent in performance. Unfortunately, some results have failed us too young to manage the wall and return not perfect in the Finnish qualification, “says Gian Carlo Minardi
It will be important to have the best summer break to develop the latest developments. Ferrari needs to earn some money in lap time, and we have a big sweep McLaren and Red Bull, even though it has lost its luster, can count on the constancy of its two pilots unlike McLaren, Ferrari and Lotus. Alonso is a pilot in better shape today’s world and managed to take every opportunity, also supported by a reliable Ferrari. It is this aspect allows the men in red to concentrate 100% on the development machine. Unfortunately, in the constructors’ title resorted to miss the point mass, although we are seeing a slow awakening “dealt with the manager Faenza
Appeal lacks the Mercedes, subdued despite the victory of Rosberg in China “The biggest disappointment is the author of Schumacher Mercedes with a major error. They will see something inside. The reference is to be their driver Nico Rosberg, who unfortunately comes with over a minute of delay from the first year … troubled at home Toro Rosso and I am sorry to see a George Ascanelli on vacation. After last season, expectations were very different and will now have to make a precise analysis on the changes that have to start thinking about 2013. The clashes between team principal and technical manager are synonymous with nervousness and, perhaps, the choices are not always endorsed by the technical department. These situations, coupled to a year is not happy, leading to further difficulties “concludes Minardi