F1 | Giovinazzi goes to Ferrari. Minardi «Further developments are possible»

Antonio Giovinazzi is a driver of the Ferrari Stable. His season ends with a bang.

This is a very important step that will give the opportunity to grow further to a driver who has already proved all his value. Giovinazzi has the mental and technical traits to stand out. He is the result of a long job developed along with ACI Sport President Sticchi Damiani.

This result demonstrates that we have some talented drivers in Italy as well. We have been fought for several years in the most important championships and next year we will have Fuoco and Ghiotto in GP2, Pulcini and Iorandi in GP3, Colombo and Mosca in F4.

These boys are the fruit of a long work that the Federal School has begun several years ago, by monitoring the boys from their first steps in kart and during their formative apprenticeships.

Reaching Formula 1 is not easy because there are just 22 cars, but from now till the end of the year there could be a further evolution. Games are open, even if everything will depend on the Mercedes choice and on the driver that will be chosen to replace Nico Rosberg. Being able to race a whole season with a minor team would be an enormous opportunity for a driver who has proven his value for so many years.

Some years ago, I had already introduced Giovinazzi to Ferrari, but this meeting has become a something concrete only today. Unfortunately, since I had not a team anymore, I couldn’t prove on track what I had saw in him. Thanks to this agreement an Italian driver is back on the track as a third driver.

There are many irons on the fire. Let’s see what will happen in the upcoming weeks.