They were the real surprise at Silverstone with Lewis Hamilton reaching the podium behind Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari and Sergio Perez’s Red Bull. “Before Silverstone they suffered a major gap but they took many new developments to Silverstone that rewarded the efforts. It will be interesting to monitor the W13 to see if it will once again be able to put itself in the tussle between Red Bull and Ferrari.

After Imola the sprint race is back:

We are at the half way point of the season and the points are starting to weigh double. Between Saturday and Sunday there are many points at stake and Leclerc could recover what he lost in Imola. Despite the episodes in Monte Carlo and England I am still confident. You always learn something from mistakes. We will have Carlos Sainz galvanized by his first win in F1 and Leclerc will be eager to show once again his excellent form.

The Red Bull Ring is a very fast circuit:

A very fast circuit. A lap can be covered in just over a minute (the record was set by Kim Raikonnen with 1:06.957 set in 2018) but it is also very demanding with important braking and acceleration. The Red Bull could be intimidating but at Silverstone Ferrari took pole and the win.

Making predicitons has become hard:

In such a hard-fought championship it is practically impossible to make predictions. Every time the final result overtures the predictions of the eve.

Gian Carlo Minardi