It had been a while since saw such a tight and aggressive Verstappen. In this grand prix we saw the Verstappen of yesteryear. On several occasions I saw him very incorrect, and I noticed a certain condescension in his regards,

In the collision with Norris not only did Verstappen touch him, but once he understood that he had punctured, he deliberately swerved to stop him completely, resulting in Norris’ retirement. He was probably unnerved by this McLaren in top form. Previously, he had already, even if not so blatantly, gone wide under braking to defend himself from the McLaren driver’s attacks. He should have been penalized earlier

It was a pity because we could have seen ten heart stopping laps. It will certainly be a good omen for the continuation of the season and in view of next week’s round at Silverstone in England.

George Russel took advantage of it brilliantly, taking Mercedes to the win. For him and Mercedes it was a positive weekend that legitimized them as the current third force of the world championship.

An unhoped for third place for Ferrari. Very good Sainz, who defended third position behind two cars faster than him. Pity for Leclerc’s first lap in the episode with Oscar Piastri. Definitely a race contact, but the driver from Monte Carlo seemed too optimistic. He can consider himself satisfied with eleventh place, the result of a positive come back, but there is certainly a lot of work to do in Maranello. Beyond what we read in the Constructors’ ladder, the track tells us that they are the fourth force behind Red Bull, McLaren and Mercedes.

It was a fantastic race by the two Haas who said goodbye to Austria with sixth and eighth place – very important points. Profiting from Norris’ retirement were Daniel Ricciardo, an excellent ninth place for the Racing Bulls, and Gasly, tenth with Alpine. They harvested important points which, in normal circumstances, would not have been within their reach.

They will back on the track in a week’s time with the twelfth round at the historic Silverstone circuit.

Gian Carlo Minardi