F1 – GP Bahrein: The point…..by Gian Carlo Minardi

bahrein_vetter.jpg'With the Bahrein GP last Sunday we’ve seen again how competitive Formula 1 is this year. Four GPs, different winners and eight different pilots on the podium. The influence of tires is so strong. Only one week ago Raikkonen lost the chance of a second position just two laps before the line, whereas in Bahrein everything has gone better.

We’ve had a great Grand Prix, full of overtakings, and we have to congratulate the pilots of Lotus team. Kimi has gone back to the podium, this means that even if a pilot starts behind the lines, he can reach the podium as well. Grosjean has rolled up his sleeves and has had a very good performance. He’s paid off the trust his team put in him and his victory in GP2 is the right demonstration. Talking about the division championship, my congrats go to Davide Valsecchi, who marked an excellent 1-2 in the two manches. Who is going to succeed in this championship, surely can aim at racing in Formula 1 and, if he goes on like this, cannot be unnoticed by teams.
Only one week after China GP, things have changed so much. Because of temperature changings between race and qualifying, even the balance of forces has shifted. For this reason, pilots have to manage tires as good as they can. After four races, we have six pilots with 10 points and, as far as constructors charts is concerned, RB has gone back to the top, and the Lotus stays Ferrari ahead. The hierarchy is changing more and more. After winning seven days ago, Mercedes seems to be the same as the first GPs, even if its 5th place means to be in top positions.
I think that McLaren has got problems with left-rear tire because also in Shanghai, a faulty pit-stop made its race slower. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to understand if it’s been a matter of technical fault or a mechanic’s mistake.
It will be interesting to see collective tests at Mugello track at the beginning of May, just before seeing the first European venue in Spain, where we usually have important news. I hope that Ferrari has sort out all its problems because, as seen during the race, times have been much worse than the ones who got the podium.