The Formula 1 World Championship has arrived at the Nurburging in Germany, a round that was certainly not foreseen at the start of the year but it is part of this anomalous season. The Circus arrives at this track in a time of year when the low temperatures and the weather forecasts could play an important role since temperatures no higher than 9-10° are expected.

On a track that is important for the aerodynamics with medium-slow curves Pirelli has brought the C2-C3-C4 compounds and I believe that Red Bull will have the possibility to put itself between the two Mercedes with Max Verstappen.

After Honda’s announcement Red Bull and Alpha Tauri are looking for a new engine supplier. As of today there are only two possible options: the return of Renault or passing to Mercedes with the Germans ready to remain in F1 only as engine suppliers. I see the latter option as the most probable. With the exit of the Japanese, who confirmed the programme they declared since the day of their return, an uneasy winter is starting for Stefano Domenicali since three engine suppliers are few for both the image of the World Championship and twenty cars.
For this weekend Ferrari will carry out a further slight evolutionary step which however is part of a more long term project already aimed at 2021 and 2022.

The novelty will be the debut of Mick Schumacher in Friday’s practice with Alfa Romeo. The German will take to the track with Giovinazzi’s car. Depriving Antonio of a session on a circuit that, unlike Raikonnen, he does not know, I find is an absurd decision (the latest in his regards). He is penalized once again.

Gian Carlo Minardi