F1 | Gp Hungary, THE POINT by Gian Carlo Minardi "A FERRARI DOUBLE!"

Everything went “almost” according to the script with sun and Ferrari according to the “we told you so”. There was an all Ferrari front row of the grid after a weekend during which the team from Maranello knew how to make the best of all the new changes made to the track and a good start would have been enough to then carry on. And then, as always, something unexpected happened. A steering wheel was not set properly and Vettel’s race became more complicated. It was a splendid win that confirmed the pace of this world championship that saw Ferrari as the favourite on this track. It was an important double for both world championships with a special mention for Raikonnen’s work acting as a squire for Vettel who was capable of taking his own car to victory despite the hindrance.

The race was interesting technically but less so as a spectacle, as we know overtaking is difficult at the Hungaroring. We must stress the performance by Red Bull who was always on show during the weekend and in the race. Without the penalty for the trifling error at the start which cost Ricciardo exclusion from the race Verstappen could have placed himself in the battle between the two Mercedes drivers and may have caused some problems for Raikonnen.

Worthy of mention were the usual Fernando Alonso brought the McLaren Honda to 6th place showing his indomitable determination and Carlos Sainz who pulled off a good 7th place and a nice collection points for a Toro Rosso that was a little distracted by future plans with rumours that predict a Honda motor.

Finally a mention of the fair play by Mercedes who managed the team games in a very correct way, so much so that they gave up three points for Hamilton that could weigh heavily in the future in terms of the Driver’s title.

The circus is going on holiday and it was essential that Ferrari bring home all the points to face up to the next two races of the restart with the spirit of those who are ready to overturn the predictions that see Mercedes as the favourite on the fast tracks at Spa and Monza. The technical reaction was there and who knows if the weather conditions or differing scenarios could also upset the predictions.

Gian Carlo Minardi