Having said goodbye to Imola, it is already time for the next round, Monte Carlo. This is a fascinating and glamourous circuit and completely different from all the others present in the calendar, one in which technique counts less and the quality of the driver is enhanced.

Qualifying will be heart stopping, especially Q2. In Imola we saw 16 cars within barely eight tenths of a second. I dread to think what might happen on Saturday…

As always, the car and the driver of reference are Red Bull and Max Verstappen, even if they have shown some problems lately. It will be interesting to see who between McLaren and Ferrari will manage to annoy the world champion.

Post-Imola I heard and read a lot of criticism directed at Aston Martin, which would be in crisis of results. I would go easy on certain declarations. Stroll arrived in the points zone and Alonso’s race was conditioned by the mistake in qualifying, which led him to start in from the pits in last position and from an absolutely risky strategy that did not pay off. Otherwise, Nando would have easily occupied fifth/sixth place.

The Monte Carlo grand prix will see the McLaren of Norris and Piastri take to the track with a celebrative livery in honour of Ayrton Senna.

It is certainly nice and exciting to see the celebrations of the thirtieth anniversary in memory of a special champion and man continue, but it would have been more coherent to bring it to the Imola GP. Senna was certainly the King of Monte Carlo in terms of pole positions and wins, but Imola it would have completed the various ceremonies, also considering the emotional lap of the track by Sebastian Vettel at the wheel of the McLaren MMP4/8.

A good grand prix to everyone!

Gian Carlo Minardi