Even without having the best car Max Verstappen won once again. The Dutchman confirmed that he is a jackhammer by covering the many laps with the same pace, outclassing his teammate who crossed the finish line almost a minute later.

Serio Perez constantly ran six tenths of a second per lap slower, like in qualifying. Despite a different strategy, the results did not change. Certainly, the worth of this Red Bull is not that of Perez, but neither is it that of Verstappen who puts a lot of his own into it.

Currently, the ladder clear with Red Bull, McLaren, Mercedes and Ferrari the fourth force of the world championship. McLaren paid for its inexperience because, even if they are a strong team they are not yet ready to win because they make mistakes. The team made some important gifts to its direct rivals, in both the pitstops and terms of the strategy. Despite this, Norris finished just 2”2 from the Dutchman.

We have a fiery second half of the season (we have 3 drivers within little more than 30”) ahead of us, characterized by minimal gaps which if, on the one hand they lead to less overtaking and fewer exciting races, on the other hand, we can get excited in qualifying where it takes nothing to lose important positions.

In fact, the Grand Prix was not particularly absorbing, expect for some important overtaking. With great ability Russell managed to gain three positions, taking himself to the lead after the first corner. Just like, the challenge between Norris and Russell won by the McLaren driver.

On the Ferrari front, fifth and sixth place. With Leclerc, the engineers tried to liven things up by changing the starting strategy, with no luck. There is nothing to say about the contact between the two drivers. It was a race contact.

An incredible step forward by Alpine. Undoubtedly there is more order between the drivers who do not lose precious time getting in each other’s way. Qualifying was excellent, with the potential was fulfilled even in the race.

It was the opposite result for the Racing Bull, probably the protagonist of the most disappointing weekend of the season. Despite the updates installed, they were constantly outside the points zone and in difficulty right from qualifying.

They go back onto the track in a week’s time with the Austrian Grand Prix, which will also host the sprint race.

Gian Carlo Minardi