F1 | Green light to the team-radio. Arm wrestling for the track-limit. Minardi" Too complicated rules"

While the weekend was in full swing, and in Hockenheim was preparing to live the qualifying before the summer break, the Team Principals gathered around a table to try resolving the set of problems emerged during the Hungarian weekend.

They made different proposals to make a step back respect the current regulations. As it had happened early in season with the new qualifying format that was annulled very quickly in favor of the current one.

The F1 Strategy Group decided to liberalize communications between drivers and pit again, except for the warm-up lap. They want to avoid any assistance to the drivers at the starting phase, instead drivers and engineers will have the possibility to talk freely during the race. They had also found a balance, especially between Mercedes-Ferrari-Red Bull Team Principals, on the track-limit as it is difficult to evaluate if the crossing of the white line gives or not an advantage to the driver.

Charlie Whiting started an arm wrestling and put on the scale “the responsibility” and “the rules”. So, we have consulted Gian Carlo Minardi. “The proposals of the F1 Strategy Group have to be approved and have to officially modify the current regulations for becoming operative. Otherwise, it is difficult to apply them, and Whiting relied on this very point. So, as we can read so far, even in Hockenheim drivers will be penalized if they cross the white line”, the manager from Faenza explains. ”, Gian Carlo Minardi continues.

Starting from 2017, the starts with the safety-car will be modified. If the start, due to track arduous conditions, will be done under the safety car, at the return of the safety car, all the cars will have to align on the grid for a “traditional” start, as it happens at the end of the classic warm-up lap. I am absolutely favorable. Watching the start of a grand prix behind the safety car is not the best of the show. In Great Britain, as instance, we had a security excess. We are always talking about Formula 1, the ultimate expression of motorsport, where there are the best drivers racing”.

In Germany, it start the new path of Ferrari after James Allison’s greetings and the welcome to Mario Binotto as a Technical Director. “I think that Binotto is an excellent choice for Ferrari. He lived the golden age of Maranello beside Ross Brawn, Jea Todt&C. He will contribute for the renewal of this stable”, Gian Carlo Minardi concludes.