The Formula world championship arrives in Japan and the Suzuka track that is as historic as it is demanding, especially in the case of rain. Due to both the lateral forces and the braking the tyres are put to the test and Pirelli has brought the same compounds used in Bahrein (C1-C2-C3).

I do not expect a lot of changes by the teams which they say have been scheduled for the Imola Grand Prix (17-17 May). Probably Alpine will be the exception since it must try to come out of its anonymity.

Sadly, I have heard that there is still a lot of nervousness that has little to do with sport. As happened two weeks ago in Melbourne, let the track do the talking. After the retirement in Australia Red Bull and Verstappen will try to take quick revenge on their direct rivals Ferrari which will have to watch out for the McLaren duo. Mercedes is now in more difficulty. The predictions would be upset in the case of rain. In that case the driver could make the difference.

After the positive result in Australia Racing Bull must defend sixth place from Haas’ attacks.

Unlike what he had said, Toto Wollf arrived in Japan. Probably the nervousness of others compels him to being more present on the track.

In addition to Alpine, the start of the season has given us a Williams in difficulty, and clearly late with the spare parts so that they were unable to build the third car. It really is a shame seeing these problems, especially when they are linked to such a renowned name and team.

Gian Carlo Minardi