F1 | Minardi “Clear victory for Ferrari. Mercedes beaten on the track”

In his interview by the Minardi.it editorial staff and webTV Gian Carlo Minardi once more underscored the victory by Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari on the Melbourne track in the first race of the 2017 World Championship. He was not sparing in his praise. “It was a clear win for Ferrari. For the first time Mercedes was beaten on the track by another team. Ferrari did everything very well putting under pressure both Lewis Hamilton who constantly asked to change tyres and Mercedes who brought forward the changes by a few laps.”

While one swallow does not a summer make,” continued the manager from Faenza, “And Mercedes remains the car to beat as it showed in the pole position, the gap from last season has narrowed. I see Ferrari favoured by the potential of its drivers. If Kimi Raikonnen becomes once more the driver of the last part of last season then it will have an advantage over the pair of Hamilton-Bottas.”

Words of praise for the debutant Antonio Giovinazzi at the wheel of the Sauber, “You could not ask more of the young man. On the first occasion of a grand prix he was ready to show his true worth. He demonstrated that he has his papers in order to become a great driver. Last week in Melbourne was an excellent calling card, “continued Gian Carlo Minardi, “Now he also need a bit of luck.”

If Ferrari and Mercedes showed vital reliability and that they are the top of the class the situation is exactly the opposite for McLaren-Honda “Alonso’s facial expressions and his choice of words say a lot more than his mere words. He is going through the most difficult phase of his career and there are implications we cannot decipher. The Japanese giant cannot continue on this road. There is no two without the third and in the past it has already retired twice from F1. On the other hand, McLaren cannot do without Honda, its technical and financial sponsor. Without Honda it would have great difficulty surviving.”