F1- Minardi: "The partnership Mercedes-Manor? A good signal"

In a short lap of time, McLaren confirmed his partnership with Jenson Button for 2016 while Mercedes announced his intention to supply its six-cylinde to Manor, the small team that now gets silver de facto becoming its Junior Team.

Great job for Banbury’s team that after risking a bankruptcy and a separation from the starting grid now could raise the bar leaving the last place at the grid.Indeed, the partnership with the team managed by Toto Wolff shouldn’t involve just the Power-Unit supply but much more. This way it could become a “home”for all that young driver in Mercedes sphere, like Pascal Wehrlein, already third driver in DTM where he precisely runs for the German group. We have consulted Gian Carlo Minardi in order to better understand the meaning of this partnership.

The strategy of Toto Wolf, who probably succeeded in avoiding the supply of his PU to Red Bull and in planning an useful partnership for his team, is getting clearer and clearer.This new partnership between Mercedes and Manor is a good signal for all of the top teams, especially Ferrari. De facto Manor becomes a Junior Team where make the drivers around Mercedes grow. Basically it is the same relationship between red Bull and Toro Rosso. A partnership that will allow the little cindarella to climb the rankings” the manager from Faenza analyzes on www.minardi.it. “This situation could embarass some team not really accustumed to the lower zone of the standings. At present Toro Rosso, Sauber, McLaren and Manor occupy the last four place of the standings. Next year, unless a Japaneses’ wonder, McLaren will have to fight to not be the last“.