Lewis Hamilton  – 9 excellent and impeccable throughout the whole race, also taking some strategy risks.

Daniel Ricciardo – 8 after the outstanding time in qualifying that earned him an incredible pole position, he had to give up due to another mistake made by the pit.

Sergio Perez – 8,5 sensational race for the Mexican driver who has optimized Force India at its best , in spite of economic problems.

Sebastian Vettel – 7 a personal mark, not to be shared with Ferrari. He made too many mistakes, even if I don’t know if the fault is his. A Vettel that gets agitated and anxious for results that do not come.

Fernando Alonso – 8 a sensational lap after lap. The gap from the top is important, but he was able to attack with his tenacity and his driving skills improving himself after each step. He outclassed his teammate.

Nico Hulenberg – 7 aligned to what was done by his teammate. Some important points for Force India.

Nico Rosberg – 7 weakened, even if it was clear he had some problems. In qualifying he wasn’t the usual Nico, especially in a circuit that he dominated last years.

Carlos Sainz – 7 now he is the only landmark for Toro Rosso that is getting calmness after the agreement with Renault for engine supply. The Spaniard is proving to be a top team driver.

Jenson Button – 7 even if he arrived behind his teammate, he gained important points for McLaren-Honda that sees daylight.

 Felipe Massa – 6 even if I don’t believe that his result in qualifying and in race is all his fault.