F1 | Monaco GP – The POINT "Strike Hamilton. Ferrari even behind Force India"

This Monaco GP could had been more animated considering the weather conditions, anyway, offered us some mistakes, on track and at pits, with overtakings and fights. Excellent Lewis Hamilton who brought home the first seasonal win, nibbling away important points at Nico Rosberg, also helped by the mistake made by Red Bull at the pits during Daniel Ricciardo’s pit-stop.

Within Milton Keynes’s team, they will have to review something because it is not the first time that they have fallen into this kind of situations, even if they are strongly proving to be the second powerful team of the world championship at the expense of Ferrari. The Australian strengthens his position in overall standings and makes this season enlivened. What a pity Max Verstappen’s mistake, very nervous during the whole weekend.

Certainly, it was disappointing the performance of Ferrari that greets the principality with only a fourth place behind of Force India. Definitely too little. We had already realized that something was going wrong due to the state of mind and to declarations made by the German driver. His displeasure is clear, and he begins to feel these placings too tight. The boy starts to paw the ground. His declarations about his team are changing.

Beginner’s mistake for Kimi Raikkonen that had never been efficient for all the weekend, probably he was not backed by his car. Surely, the gap with his teammate is substantial. A “zero” that costs important points also to Ferrari.

Very positive, instead, the performance of McLaren-Honda that marks the fifth position with Fernando Alonso and the points zone with Jenson Button. Sometimes, the Spaniard has also tried to cause problems for Vettel. They begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.