F1 – Engine Puzzle – Scenarios

From the Frankfurt Motor Show Carlos Ghosn has proclaimed that the partnership between Renault and Red Bull is over. Since 2016 the French Constructor won’t supply its (debated) Power-Unit anymore. The President hasn’t added anything about the future of Renault in Formula 1.
“The announcement about the future of Renault has been postponed to after Frankfurter Motor Show” manager Gian Carlo Minardi declared some days ago to www.minardi.it. Lotus that should be purchased by Renault, is ready to come back with an own team.

The end of this partnership opens several scenarios that will surely characterize this conclusive season. During the Italian Gp at Monza, the President of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne, declared its willingness to supply Red Bull and Toro Rosso with Maranello’s Power-Unit. He met Helmut Marko and Christian Horner themselves. The stable of the prancing horse has de facto passed the competition of Mercedes, whose talks with the Soft-drinker’s top brass has been interrupted sanctioning de facto the victory of Toto Wolff who has never liked to supply a direct rival.

Scenarios that appeared  already sharped are now ready to mix up. We have to remember, in effect, that according to current rules, every constructor can supply only four teams with its Power-Unit. And don’t forget that many changes will affected the rules in 2017. First things first.

As we know, Haas team will joint F1 in 2016 and Ferrari will support it through its propeller. To date, Maranello’s portfolio comprises also Sauber and Manor. If it involved also Red Bull and Toto Rosso  the number of supplies would reach 6 (forbidden by the current rules).

According to rumors, Manor would be ready to migrate to Mercedes motorization, becoming de facto the German Junior Team. So it will joint Williams and Force India.

Renault has expressed an interest in returning to F1 “in first person” as Constructor and not only as engine supplier by purchasing Lotus which is in heavy financial difficulties. Any announcement has been postponed after the Frankfurt motor show.

Under the circumstances, Sauber would be forced to migrate to the trans-alpine motorization. According to what announced by Ghosn, Renault would stay in F1 only as Constructor without providing its PU to additional teams. This decision would cause great complications to the Helvetian group.

Mercedes: Mercedes, Williams, Force India, Manor
Ferrari: Ferrari, Red Bull Racing, Toro Rosso, Haas
Renault: Renault, Sauber (?) Honda: McLaren