F1 | Qualifying, about-turn in the format

A step back of the stables regarding the new qualifying format: starting from the Cinese Grand Prix, scheduled April 17, we’ll have no more eliminations every 90 seconds, that we experienced in Australia and Bahrain. Instead, we’ll still have three turns. We are back to the format of 2015.

Teams have joined to ask unanimously Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt to abandon the new format that had collected a lot of criticism by fans, teams and drivers since its debut. The new technical rules remain a mistery.

It’s time for F1 to sit around a table and start working with an entrepreneur’s attitude and make medium and long-term programs instead of chatting fruitlessly. April is also started and we haven’t still any signal about the new technical regulation for 2017. Unfortunately, there is a strange trend of pushing back any decisions with just the aim to not change anything”, observes Gian Carlo Minardi who last days has focused the attention on free practices opened to the rookies.