F1 – Road to…Monza

After the emotions at the Spa-Francorchamps and those at Brisighella where Mercedes was crowned with the Lorenzo Bandini trophy, we are now preparing to live the Monza Gp, in its 66th edition.

Most assuredly it’s going to be a very complicated week-end as during its launch  we could witness President of Lombardy  Roberto Maroni’s expressions of opinion and AC Milano President Ivan Capelli and ACI President Angelo Sticchi Damiani’s replies, with some off-stage meetings trying to break through the post-2016 scenario. Also Matteo Renzi is going to come at the circuit to do the honors on Sunday.

This week-end will be also characterized by the financial complications at Lotus and by the motoring future of Red Bull whose agreement with Mercedes could be called into question given the difficulties encountered by Renault in purchasing Lotus. A meeting between Red Bull’s top brass and French Constructor that has recently took place could open doors so far closed.

From what I have learned in Brisighella, Mercedes Motorsport doesn’t look kindly upon an agreement with “the Beveragers” unlike the management of the German group. Once again, having an hand in this there is Mr. E. who is conducting the orchestra. In recent days, he payed wages to Lotus employee’s and he engaged to ensemble a parterre of people to keep the World Championship competitive and interesting. We then have a Ferrari interested in buying a segment of Toro Rosso.

Talking of the track, we are waiting a press conference from Pirelli who is going to explain in detail what happened at Spa. Differently from last year, the constructor will take the Soft and Medium tire compounds to the track, With regard to the weather, the next week-end could be bothered by milder temperatures.

So, we are approaching the end of the championship and everybody will give their maximum. Mercedes remains the favorite but they’ll have to pay attention to reliability. At Monza, the Pus will turn to their maximum for the 67% of the trail, hard breaking will have a fundamental role too, so changes of directions. We have to pay attention to the first variant, scene of difficult moments. Ferrari, Williams, Red Bull, Force India, and as we hope also Lotus will try to fight for top places. It will give Rosberg one of the last chances to keep the world championship open. We hope that the “new dad” could reach Monza thoughtless, ready to fight with his team-mate.

There are all the ingredients it takes to experience a great weekend and Gp. Everybody in front of TVs or tribunes. I’ll be present at the circuit and I hope to see terraces and field crowded by supporters. It would be also a good motivation to sign the new contract.