F1 – Road To … Spa-Francorchamps

After a three weeks break, the F1 Worls Championship is ready to start again with enthusiasm thanks to the appeal of the Spa-Francorchamps and to the results at the Hungaroring. It also restarts with some uncertainties due to the variable weather conditions, a constant feature in Belgium, to the first sharp turn –stage of some spectacular moments- and to the fact that for the first time the start won’t be completely assisted. As usual, the guarantee is the German “battleship” signed by Mercedes.

The struggle between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg remains open with the two bearer of Mercedes detached by 18 length. Behind them a great challenge branded Ferrari and Williams.The Red from Maranello shows up in the Ardennes strengthened by its second seasonal success signed by Sebastian Vettel in Hungary that has refueled enthusiasm and dreams for an almost unattainable venture.Yet, watch out for Williams. The Circus is getting ready to approach two/three fast racetrack that on paper could favor the team from Grove. A little help for Vettel and Raikkonen could come from Pirelli that like in 2014 is going to present Soft and Medium tires although of different construction. “Yellow” tyre compounds could really favor the SF15-T. Watch out of weather conditions.

Differently from what seen on the slow Hungarian track, the Power-Unit will be critical for straight roads, accelerations and changes of directions at the Spa-Francorchamps. Surely it is a long track where a driver can make a difference, still he can’t do wonders.The driver is always essential on this track, but current cars will especially highlight challenges between drivers belonging to the same team, rather than provide for technical gap among cars belonging to different stables. From the point of view of the frame, Red Bull could have its say If it won’t have reliability complications, even if the uunknown of first penalisations looms over.

Among group B teams I  have confidence in Toro Rosso that lost important scores in the last races ending in any case the first part of this season with a good Verstappen’s fourth place in Hungary. I expect from them an aggressive and interesting final season. Spa could be their springboard to approach the fifth place in constructir general standings which was their early season goal. Instead I don’t trust much Lotus, engaged in a negotiation with Renault for the team transfer. I don’t trust much also Force India due to its economical problems.

Manouvres for 2016 are going on behind the scenes, while  the Working Group gathers on 18 August. I hope for decisions other than ones sketched in recent meetings. If anything, I’ll comment them separately.