F1 – Russian Gp: Scorecards

 Let’s grade this grand prix that impressed us till the last lap with his amazing show.

Pirelli – 10 due to the renewal of its partnership with F1 for other three years. They are taking their technology and the Italian brand around the world. It is a great satisfaction for our motor sport. They have been able to satisfy all the needs, as the Gp in Sochi demonstrates. They have been working not only for a technological earning but also for the show: a very important move that stresses Italian engagement in Motor Sport. Made in Italy is strongly present in the Circus with Brembo, Sparco, and a lot of helmets suppliers. Unluckily we have not a driver yet…

Lewis Hamilton – 8,5 overpowered in qualifying and at the start by the unlucky Nico Rosberg, he has been excellent in race even if the fastest lap was signed by Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel – 8,5 fabulous in race despite Saturday’s complications. He has signed the fastest lap right at the end. I hope Ferrari has figured out its tyre warming problem because Seb has raced faster with Soft tyres.

Nico Rosberg – 8 a pole position with a perfect lap, he has been excellent at the start. Unluckliy he lost any chance to keep open the World Championship due to a clamorous problem linked to the break of the acceleration pedal. As usual, really unlucky. Surely he is not a second driver even if he has been below expectations for a year.

Sergio Perez – 7,5 he has been able to manage in an excellent way his car despite an hazardous and too early pit stop. Bottas and Raikkonen have passed him but till that moment he has been driving very well closing one of his best race.

Daniel Ricciardo – 7 as long as his car has been working, he did well despite some difficulties. Carlos Sainz – 7 after Saturday’s accident he wanted absolutely participate in the race. Unluckily, once again along with Toro Rosso, he has lost important points due to reliability. They have to work hard and I think the accident could be a possible consequence of brakes complications.

Max Verstappen – 7 his last recover demonstrates t that Toro Rosso is a remarkable car After having fallen in last positions for an early pit stop, he has recovered and reached point zone taking advantage of a fallacious Fernando Alonso.

Felipe Massa – 6,5 after a lackluster qualifying, with his “grand-pa” experience in F1 he recovered achieving final fourth place ( from the fifteenth) for Williams also thanks to the double Finnish KO.

Daniil Kvyat – 6,5 he has brought important points to Red Bull that is still waiting for an engine. The fifth place is important to him and also in view of future developments. Valtteri Bottas – 6 this grade is due to qualifying. In race he hasn’t taken advantage of Saturday’s result.

Kimi Raikkonen – 5 beyond the start he has made some mistakes, like the collision with Bottas. You can’t jeopardize your race and that of a rival f yours this way. His attempt could have been good for the show but he has committed a heavy misjudgment.